VII. Wormfood

Climb the mountain
Take a deep breath for the audience
Now witness the Matriarchicon
The Undeniable
Interpretation is entertainment

See your bloodstream branch and course
Trace the lattice as they sway
Touch the soil with tips of fingers
Dip in dirt to hold her grace
These echoes are novel, but tired and tried
Carved deep into tablets, caves, and wires
Palm the earth to feel creation
But dig dear Luci, to know the Taken

Nails will break when met with marl
Blisters burst when clawed for answers
Darkened soot will fill the grooves
The network whispers: yes another

The maw opens for the weary exiles
Travelers of Wander tuckered from empire
In gum tree leaves grown children rest
Yet the pattern endures through steel and glass

The Tree is the tower, the bank, the law

A beautiful place to lie
But not yet.